The ancient city of Vologda and its surroundings  represent one of the most beautiful regions of Russia.  Vologda is known as the gate to the North, because some of the most important roads, connecting central Russia with the North and the Urals, pass through here.

Vologda is of the same age as Moscow (founded in 1147), and its contribution to Russian history is no less significant than that of Moscow.  Today, Vologda is a quiet town, where the flow of time slows down. Often, modern blocks of flats on one side of a street go together with very old wooden houses on the other.

Vologda is the administrative and cultural center of the Vologda region. Vologda butter and lace are well-known in Russia, as well as abroad.  Vologda is relatively small (population approximately 300,000 people), but the number of ancient churches and monasteries in it and nearby is the largest among all cities of Russia.  Here is the overview of its main attractions:

And here are the most important places that you can visit during your stay in Vologda:
The Vologda Kremlin

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